“Barbarians at the Gate”, by Bryan Burrough and John Helyardetails

  • About the 1988, $25 billion takeover of RJR Nabisco by private-equity firm KKR, the biggest takeover at the time
  • Gives details on the deals
  • Also one of the best investment books of all time

“King of Capital”, by David Carey and Johnny Morris

  • Incredible stories of how Blackstone was built in 1985 to where it is today
  • How Blackstone created Blackrock, the company that now runs over a trillion dollars
  • How Blackstone sold Blackrock a little early
  • Gives a good overall picture of the private equity industry

“The Future of Private Equity: Beyond the Mega Buyout”, by Mark Bishop

  • look at the future of our industry from a global perspective
  • Include interviews with people in the private equity industry from all over the world
  • More interviews in “The Masters of Private Equity Venture Capital” by Robert Finkel and David Greising

Research other resources

  • Public, private equity companies, such as pension plan CPPIB (Video #3)
  • Their documents such as annual reports that detail their investments

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