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The world of private equity can be complex and daunting. While an increasing number of family offices and wealth management companies are investing in private equity, existing information about private equity is often insufficient and biased.

Mink Learning was started with a simple mission to help make a very complex industry easier to navigate for newcomers and veterans alike. Founded by Steve Balaban, Mink Learning believes that sharing knowledge leads to better service for clients, better work communication with peers, and ultimately helps all areas of the Private Equity industry succeed.

Steve Balaban Steve Balaban

Meet the founder: Steve Balaban, CFA

Steve Balaban has been working in private equity for over ten years.

Seeing the lack of education in private equity, Steve created a Private Equity course at the University of Waterloo, where he has taught the course every year since 2015. In addition, he has taught Private Equity at multiple universities, at conferences and to family offices around the world.

His enthusiasm for teaching and the industry led him to launch Mink Learning, an education platform dedicated to making the complex world of private equity simpler to navigate.

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